Terms and Conditions

1. The Basic (boring) Stuff

During the course of these terms, you will see references to “we”, “us” and “you”. For the avoidance of doubt, these are defined below:

  • “We”, “us”, “our” and “Emma Smiler Alton” refers to Emma Smiler Alton, the business featured on this website.
    And our email address is: hello@emmasmileralton.art. We do not have a phone number. (Who uses phones these days, anyway?)
  • “You” refers to the person who is accessing this website. If you are ordering an item, but using someone else’s payment method with their consent, you must make sure that they agree to these terms as well.
  • “Website” refers to www.emmasmileralton.art

2. Your Data

All information related to our handling of your data can be found in our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy.

3. Use of This Website

You may access this website for informational purposes and/or to make a purchase. You are not permitted to carry out illegal activities on or through this website. In addition, you are not permitted to:

  • Use this website to impersonate Emma Smiler Alton, either as the business or the individual behind it;
  • Attempt to overburden, disable or damage the website;
  • Introduce viruses, worms, trojans or other malicious software that could be harmful to the running of the website or to others accessing it;
  • Attack it through a denial-of-service (DOS) or distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack;
  • Attempt to gain unauthorised access to admin areas of the website (i.e. areas that aren’t publicly accessible), or to the server it is stored on;
  • Otherwise attempt to interfere with the website, the information on it or the goods sold through it.

4. Our Liability

We make the best attempt to ensure that information is accurate at the time of posting but accept no liability for any misunderstanding caused by accessing older posts. (Dates of posts are contained in the headers.) In addition, we seek to avoid posting information that could be considered culturally insensitive or offensive, but we make no promises to be considered a “wholly family friendly” platform (so you will probably meet the odd swear word). However, there are instances where previously written posts could become insensitive due to changes in the current climate. In this case, we gratefully accept your feedback about such matters so that we may rectify any issues. Unfortunately, we cannot feasibly review older posts on a regular basis.

5. Intellectual Property

All content on the website remains the sole intellectual property of Emma Smiler Alton unless otherwise specified. This includes all artwork, images, text, graphics and designs found on this website. You are not permitted to copy, reproduce – in whole or with a high degree of similarity – or distribute any content without permission or giving proper credit under any circumstances (yes, I’m that serious). Any breach of these rules will be pursued, starting with a formal request stop such actions up to legal proceedings.

Furthermore, all products sold on the website are the copyrighted works of Emma Smiler Alton. You are not permitted to copy or reproduce – in whole or with a high degree of similarity – any of these works under any circumstances. You may later distribute or sell the products, under the following strict circumstances:

  • You make clear that Emma Smiler Alton remains the sole and entire copyright holder;
  • Any distribution or selling must be done in a private manner, i.e. not for personal gain. Such examples are selling an item to a friend as a one-off or donating it to a charity. These examples are not exhaustive;
  • You must not sell the products for personal gain, without written consent and a formal agreement. Such examples are buying one item in bulk to then sell on in order to make a profit. These examples are not exhaustive;
  • The products must have come into your possession by legitimate means, e.g. through proper purchase and not through illegal activities;
  • The products must not be sold or distributed to aid illegal/unethical activities for you or the person(s) you are selling/distributing to.


All purchases are for private use only unless written consent is given. If you are a business wishing to distribute or resell our products, please get in touch with your proposals using the contact details at the top of these terms.

When you make a purchase with us, the final amount will be taken from your account immediately. Please ensure you have sufficient funds available. If your purchase fails, e.g. due to insufficient funds or incorrect payment details, your order will be cancelled.

All purchases must be made through legitimate means, e.g. a credit/debit card under your own name with legitimate funds. Examples of illegitimate means include but are not limited to: a fraudulent or stolen credit/debit card and funds acquired through illegal activities.

All purchases are made through our payment provider, PayPal. All financial data is processed by PayPal under agreements between you and PayPal. We do not store or process any of your financial data. You do not need to have an account with PayPal to make a purchase through our website.

If we believe you are making a purchase that goes against these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to cancel and refund your order and provide you with a reason through email.


Postage fees currently stand at £2.45 for Royal Mail 1st Class post. This may be subject to change depending on the products we offer, prices for packaging and Royal Mail’s postage prices. The most up to date postage fees will be displayed at checkout.

Currently, orders are UK only, but we may expand this in the future.

Upon notification of a successful payment, we aim to process and dispatch orders within three days. This may be extended to seven days at busier times (i.e. I do have another job).

Items should arrive within two working days after dispatch, in line with Royal Mail’s guidelines. However, if it still hasn’t arrived within 14 working days, please get in contact with us.

8. Returns and Refunds – SHOP CURRENTLY CLOSED

Should you wish to return your purchase, you have 14 days from the date of delivery to notify us that you wish to cancel through email at orders@emmamsmileralton.art. You do not need to provide a reason. You then have another 14 days to return your item. Returns must be unused, accompanied with proof of purchase and returned to:


You will be responsible for the cost of the return postage. Upon receipt of your return, we will process it and issue a refund for the price of the product and standard postage within 14 days.

In the event of an item being faulty upon delivery, please email us on the email you used to purchase the product stating the day you bought the item, when it arrived and attach a picture of the damaged item and proof of purchase. Upon review, we will ask that you return the item with the proof of purchase. After receiving the returned faulty item, we will issue a replacement where possible. If you prefer, you may ask for a refund.

We do not offer exchanges.

This policy is offered in addition to your legal rights.

Last reviewed 8th June 2020.