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Walking down a path to choose joy in my recreation of The Smiler uniform

Seems like an odd statement, to dedicate my life to joy with all things considered. Perhaps, though, that’s why it’s actually the perfect thing to do. I made a start on this endeavour on Saturday 25th April 2020. My birthday on the 23rd had been more amazing than I could’ve wished for, considering I wasn’t at Alton Towers; I was at virtual Alton Towers instead. Of course, it makes perfect sense to want to continue that feeling of happiness. I’ve known for nearly eighteen months about my power to make others happy just by being me. I do believe we all have a power, it’s just that some haven’t yet realised what theirs is. I’ve said about using mine in partnership with art for ages. Now, I’m going one step further. I’m not just making people happy through my art anymore: everything I do from now on will be in…

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