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The Smiler, taken on my secret Alton Towers trip

There’s a story I haven’t told you all, one that I felt I couldn’t at the time. It’s my secret Alton Towers trip, and it happened on 28th May 2019. I’ve had two jobs in the NHS: clinical support worker in Gynaecology Outpatients (GOPD) and support worker in a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). On 18th August 2019, I made a post about starting my role in GOPD and what my fears were off the back of my job in the PICU. Those fears weren’t necessary as I enjoyed working in GOPD. What’s not obvious in that post is that I hadn’t been in work for nearly three months. Matt – my fiancĂ© – and I had had an amazing day at Alton Towers on 27th May. We’d played a joke on Dave with a Wicker Man sticker, ridden rollercoasters in the rain and set a new personal record for…

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“Get a well-paid job” “Provide for yourself” “You’re too smart for that” I’ll read what’s on the shelf “Pick double science” “Keep your options open” “You should do triple” It’s science I have chosen “Do A-levels” “What do you want to be” “Decide your degree first” At college I’ll be free “It really is a science” “You seem very at home” “But it’s a polytechnic” To uni I will go “We’re proud of you” “You can do this, you know” “Don’t throw it away” My hard work will show “You need to get a job” “We won’t provide forever” “It makes ends meet” Fed up of this pressure “Job, job, job” “Money, money, money” “Science, science, science” Doesn’t sound that funny “Why won’t I decide?” “Why do I always change?” “Why can’t I just choose?” I’m in the wrong game “Get a job in the sciences” “It’s a safe bet”…

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It’s so hard to stay happy but I’ll try To not let the hate, the abuse, the disinhibition Get to me   It’s so hard to stay happy but I’ll try When the frustration, the dread, the hopelessness Hits me hard   It’s so hard to stay happy but I’ll try When I fight through the tiredness, the sadness, the worries All the time   It’s so hard to stay happy but I’ll try To get through the chaos, the madness, the restlessness Every day   It’s so hard to stay happy but I’ll try So I can be the person you fell in love with.