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“Get a well-paid job” “Provide for yourself” “You’re too smart for that” I’ll read what’s on the shelf “Pick double science” “Keep your options open” “You should do triple” It’s science I have chosen “Do A-levels” “What do you want to be” “Decide your degree first” At college I’ll be free “It really is a science” “You seem very at home” “But it’s a polytechnic” To uni I will go “We’re proud of you” “You can do this, you know” “Don’t throw it away” My hard work will show “You need to get a job” “We won’t provide forever” “It makes ends meet” Fed up of this pressure “Job, job, job” “Money, money, money” “Science, science, science” Doesn’t sound that funny “Why won’t I decide?” “Why do I always change?” “Why can’t I just choose?” I’m in the wrong game “Get a job in the sciences” “It’s a safe bet”…

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