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Closed Season Blues came into being in November 2018. I wrote it after my first season at Alton Towers, full of emotion over Scarefest and Fireworks. In it, I’d tried something different. Instead of briefly referencing the flashback in verse two and then moving back to the present, I kept the memory going into the third verse. The result, in my eyes, was beautiful. The Prose Over the last two weeks, I’ve spent my time reworking the original poem. I knew that the rhythm – or meter, as it’s referred to in poetry – was off. The line length often varied a clumsy amount and the rhyming was inconsistent. I sat down with my project book and got to work. As you can see, I marked out the stressed and unstressed syllables that make the meter with full circles and empty circles, respectively. This is how Stephen Fry does it…

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