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Closed Season Blues came into being in November 2018. I wrote it after my first season at Alton Towers, full of emotion over Scarefest and Fireworks. In it, I’d tried something different. Instead of briefly referencing the flashback in verse two and then moving back to the present, I kept the memory going into the third verse. The result, in my eyes, was beautiful. The Prose Over the last two weeks, I’ve spent my time reworking the original poem. I knew that the rhythm – or meter, as it’s referred to in poetry – was off. The line length often varied a clumsy amount and the rhyming was inconsistent. I sat down with my project book and got to work. As you can see, I marked out the stressed and unstressed syllables that make the meter with full circles and empty circles, respectively. This is how Stephen Fry does it…

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Walking down a path to choose joy in my recreation of The Smiler uniform

Seems like an odd statement, to dedicate my life to joy with all things considered. Perhaps, though, that’s why it’s actually the perfect thing to do. I made a start on this endeavour on Saturday 25th April 2020. My birthday on the 23rd had been more amazing than I could’ve wished for, considering I wasn’t at Alton Towers; I was at virtual Alton Towers instead. Of course, it makes perfect sense to want to continue that feeling of happiness. I’ve known for nearly eighteen months about my power to make others happy just by being me. I do believe we all have a power, it’s just that some haven’t yet realised what theirs is. I’ve said about using mine in partnership with art for ages. Now, I’m going one step further. I’m not just making people happy through my art anymore: everything I do from now on will be in…

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Poisonous The first thing I thought of, weirdly, when I read the word ‘poisonous’ was poison ivy. After a bit of googling, I found a few pictures of poison ivy and tried my hand at drawing it from memory. For someone very new to this art world, and definitely new to drawing with ink (i.e. today, more or less), I’m quite proud of this simple depiction of poison ivy. Inktober 2018 Prompts List

Various artistic sketches of Willy Wonka and others

I started drawing again. I mentioned at some point last year about reading down personality traits in an HEA Employability Guide for Psychology Students (scroll to page 42) and finding that I matched the ones under the title of “Artist” more than the ones under “Investigative”, and I find myself aligning more and more with them by the day. I’ve got instagram, and on there I’ve been posting about mental illness, my new cat (because I have a cute tabby called Gabi now, named after Gabrielle Aplin) and showcasing my sketches. Below is the fourth portrait I’ve ever done in my life, and it’s of Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: As you can see, I’ve also drawn my Amazon Fire TV remote and my fiancĂ© wrapped up in a throw. Before these three, I’d not drawn since college. Additionally, I’ve got into the habit…

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