Early Music

During the creative hotbed that was my two years of college, I wrote a lot of music – 40 songs in 16 months. They were all composed using my guitar and some I’m proud of, some I’m not. Some even got uploaded to YouTube! (My channel has since been deleted.) I also took up violin at this point, all self-taught. The furthest I ever got with an instrument was the guitar. Behind it, I would say is piano, which I got at the end of university.

I went through a period of writing poems instead of songs during university and after. Only towards the end of an eighteen-month stint working in a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit did I finally start writing music again.

Recent Music

The songs I’ve written in this new musical era are quite different from the ones I wrote aged 16-18. Not only have I been more experimental in an effort to stray from my former style, they are also quite a lot darker. A lot’s happened since my college days. There are four I plan to release as part of an EP I intend to call Living, which I hope will come out towards the end of the year.

Music, like most, is something that’s got me through difficult times, with Demi Lovato’s Skycraper standing out as the one I would sing every day and hold onto towards the end of school. I actually have a 3/4 cover version that I composed, which became one of my best viewed songs on YouTube. And my music in the old era and new has mental health woven through it.

I’ve had praise from others about my singing, but I do feel self-conscious about my voice. It will take a lot to finally feel comfortable to put my words out there in song. Hence, I’m getting singing lessons soon. For now, enjoy a glimpse of the written version of Brick Wall. I wrote this, and another song, during a depressive episode back in January.

Brick Wall music lyrics

I am excited to get these songs out into the world. Music can be one of the most powerful and uniting forces in the world, and I want to use it for good.