Fine Art

I remember back at school, I used to think I was hopeless at drawing. Never did I entertain art, and it certainly didn’t make any of my GCSE choices. In fact, I chased a Sciences route into college and university, despite having some of my most creative moments whilst at college.

Early Work

An early art drawing of my friend

This was the first sketch I ever did of my friend. Up until this point, I believed that any drawing I did of anyone would be rubbish. To realise that what I produced was actually somewhat realistic was a shock. I sketched another three people during college, all little sketches on A6 paper, and then left it.

Recent Work

It wasnt until over four years later that I picked up a pencil again and quickly practised with a TV remote. It was a fair enough study in shading, enough to give me some confidence. So I drew Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Various artistic sketches of Willy Wonka and others

This, I couldn’t believe! To say there’d been no practice between the four sketches I did four years ago and this one, the progress was shocking! High off that, I drew my fiancĂ© laid on the floor under a blanket. This was after I’d finished unviersity, and it started the beginnings of a plan to turn art from a hobby into a career.

Through this, I’ve also dabbled in painting, watercolours and acrylics. I don’t consider myself particularly good at either. I’ve also experimented with different drawing mediums, such as charcoal, pastel and ink. In essence, I’m now on a journey to teach myself art so I can produce works that I hope will inspire others. Whether that’s to chase their own dreams, find the good in the world, or just to feel something different, I don’t want my art to just be “there”. I want it to have a purpose.

Art with a difference.

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