Closed Season Blues

Closed Season Blues

When I look through these pictures
I hear an echo from the pages
And if I should close my eyes
I feel it firing up inside

I’m in the station by the trains
Stretching the span of time that remains
But then I blink and I’m back at home
Remembering it was a while ago

But still it plays in my head
The words we said and what we did
And when I turned to say goodbye
Taking it in, freeing a sigh

Now in an album they will be found
A record of colour, a hint of sound
They serve to remind me of the great times
Of the awesome people, the amazing rides

I look at them when I feel low
To get a glimpse of what I’ve come to know
But it’s a while ’til I feel that power
The happiness of Alton Towers

I miss you Alton, I really do
I just can’t wait to get back to you
You mean so much, took me from the floor
Saved my soul, my mind, my life and more

You made me who I’d tried to find
The one who’d been lost and left behind
You did the impossible deed
Corrected me and set me free