All The Things My Family Told Me Growing Up

All The Things My Family Told Me Growing Up
"Get a well-paid job"
"Provide for yourself"
"You're too smart for that"
I'll read what's on the shelf
"Pick double science"
"Keep your options open"
"You should do triple"
It's science I have chosen
"Do A-levels"
"What do you want to be"
"Decide your degree first"
At college I'll be free
"It really is a science"
"You seem very at home"
"But it's a polytechnic"
To uni I will go
"We're proud of you"
"You can do this, you know"
"Don't throw it away"
My hard work will show
"You need to get a job"
"We won't provide forever"
"It makes ends meet"
Fed up of this pressure
"Job, job, job"
"Money, money, money"
"Science, science, science"
Doesn't sound that funny
"Why won't I decide?"
"Why do I always change?"
"Why can't I just choose?"
I'm in the wrong game
"Get a job in the sciences"
"It's a safe bet"
"You can earn lots of money"
But it's not my mindset
"It all makes sense now"
"I know why I get distracted"
"I shouldn't have done the sciences"
It's the arts that I'm attracted
"I know what you said, dad"
"But mum, it isn't really me"
"Don't be disappointed, brother"
This way I am free

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